Danie Jacobs writes on www.filmfestivals.com about Out in the line up at the Durban international film festival where this doccie was screened as part of the Wavescapes festival.
“I loved it. Walking in the mardi gras brought me to tears. Gender and sexuality is one of the official themes at DIFF. A little-known surfer documentary stole the show. Out in the line up is the story of how gay surfers struggle to fit in in one of the most macho sports. It
is polished, beautifully filmed, straight forward without offending and even funny. It is a
pity the doccie was only screened once as a wider audience should see it. I talked to some
of the surfers who watched it after the screening and some were a little stunned as they
don’t know any gay surfers. I think the gays are just too scared to come out! A film like
this can break down barriers. I saw the film with Jason Fiddler, director of the Durban G&L Film Festival and he also
applauded after the film.”