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Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Zürich 29.4.–7.5.15
Frauenfeld 8.–10.5.15

Gay and lesbian sports champions are rare. Of course they exist, but they tend to come out, if at all, only when they have ended their careers. Not Simona Meiler, however, snowboard professional in the Swiss team and participant of the Olympic Games in Sochi. In the Canadian-American documentary «To Russia with Love», Simona and other athletes tell about the experiences they made a year ago at the Olympics in Russia. Outed role models are also practically inexistent in surfing. Aimed entirely at heterosexual men, gay and lesbian wave riders do not fit the usual stereotypes and are discriminated against. The Australian documentary «Out in the Line-up» seeks out surf professionals and sets them a stage.
So the LGBT-World is still waiting for the coming out of more sports champions. And by the way, in the short film programme «Sports in Shorts», we will also be screening a documentary about the figure skater and world champion Stéphane Lambiel. Rugby players, footballers and jockeys have a prominent appearance in this programme as well. And in our short film programme «Round the World», we submerge into the world of the South African women’s soccer team, the Thokozani Football Club.

The Pink Talk «Out in Sports» will complement this focus.